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I’m all for independent travel, which is what I teach in my course. And today I will briefly tell you how to organize a vacation, even a single trip, even for a large family.

I will tell you how to find cheap tickets to Sochi, cheap accommodation in Sochi, how to get from Sochi airport, what to see in Sochi yourself and how much a trip to Sochi can cost in total.
How to get to Sochi on your own? Cheap tickets to Sochi from Moscow for a plane start at 3800 rubles for a round-trip ticket without Luggage and with hand Luggage up to 5 kg. For another 2,000 rubles, you can buy a Luggage seat for 23 kg.Tickets to Sochi price 2019
This price is for the week of April 8, 2019 and is available for booking via the link.

Check your debts
If you look at tickets for the middle of June, the price is slightly higher: 6,400 rubles for round-trip tickets, while you will have two hand Luggage for one seat of 5 kg. And for + 2,020 rubles, you can buy Luggage.

Sochi on your own
If you compare buying tickets for Russian Railways Sochi, then on April 8, 2019, the ticket price starts from 2,870 rubles.
But you will spend 1 day and 13 hours on the way. Yes, there are more comfortable trains, but at the same time you will not win in price, but you will lose in time.

When choosing tickets to Sochi, the price may not be a priority, but I advise you to choose trains only in extreme cases. For example, if you or your family members do not tolerate flights at all, or if you plan to carry a lot of oversized and heavy Luggage with you (on the train, you can carry 3 Luggage places with you, the total weight up to 75 kg, per ticket)

Tickets to Sochi on a plane from Moscow are always cheaper because of the large tourist flow, but now many airlines run low-cost fares from almost all Russian cities. Only such cheap tickets are sorted very quickly. Therefore, I recommend buying tickets in advance.

If you missed cheap tickets to Sochi, but the sea still pulls, then in the article on the link I told you how to find cheap tours in Sochi . Sometimes they are at the price of air travel, here is a calendar of prices of tours in real time:

Inexpensive and comfortable – these are my two basic principles in traveling. I do not like to suffer discomfort on vacation, but I do not like to overpay.

If you are against hotels and prefer home comfort and cooking and fresh local products, then I always advise you to book accommodation through AirBnb, rather than looking for a rental on the spot. The advantage of booking accommodation through this service is that it is safe, you can choose the ideal option in advance, the price will not change over time. For more information about how to book on AirBnB, I wrote in the article at the link. There you will find a promo code (discount) that you can spend on housing in Sochi.

Arrange insurance for those traveling abroad
You can rent a house in Sochi from 1200 rubles per day, plus there will be a discount for long-term accommodation.
If you want to relax in a quieter place, you can stop between the airport and the village of Khosta. There, prices for apartments start from 1067 rubles per day.
If you prefer hotels, 24/7 service, Breakfast and other attributes of a hotel holiday, then you can find cheap accommodation in Sochi on TravelHunter.app
Here is the map ” housing Prices in Sochi»:

Even if you did not go to Sochi on your own, but went on a tour, you can still visit many famous places. Many places can only be reached by car. There are two options: rent a car or take a taxi.

I prefer the option of renting a car, for example, by searching in the form below you can find a car for 1100 per day on an automatic transmission.

Return to another location
4 Feb 2020

7 Feb 2020
If you will take a taxi, I advise you to order a taxi online, so you know the cost of the trip in advance and it is fixed, plus it is often cheaper than contacting local taxi drivers directly.

Mount Ahun is a majestic place that was built in 10 months, and now thousands of tourists visit every year. You can get there by car. The path is winding, as well as almost all roads of the Sochi coast. From the height of mount Akhun, Sochi can be seen at a glance, but be sure to bring sunglasses, otherwise it will be difficult not to squint.
Mount Akhun Sochi how to get there on your own? The one-way trip from Sochi will cost about 600-700 rubles.

If you still decide to go by bus, then from the Maly Akhun stop (you can get to it by buses 125, 105, 125C, 110, 112, 2, minibuses 100, 105K, 125, 102), and then you will need to climb on foot about 11 km. But you can be saved by hitchhiking, if you are not shy. Or a taxi.
But sometimes it is more profitable to take a tour. The advantage of the tour may be that you will have a guide and tasting. As well as mount Akhun, the tour includes a visit to additional locations that you can not reach on your own, or the cost of a taxi will exceed all imaginable and unthinkable figures.

Here is an example of interesting excursions in Sochi:
Mount Akhun is famous not only for its observation tower, but also for its abandoned restaurant, Agur waterfalls, and Eagle rocks. Agur waterfalls and Eagle rocks are not far from each other, but on the other side of the entrance to the observation tower “mount Akhun”. In other words, you will not be able to see everything at once by taxi or on foot.

There are three resorts in Krasnaya Polyana: Gorki Gorod, Rosa Khutor and Gazprom with two slopes “Alpika “and”Laura”.

You can get there by car, taxi, bus or swallow.

Prices and travel times are shown in the table below.

Transport cost RUB place of departure travel time Frequency

Two thousand

Your location is 1 hour around the Clock
Bus 105

Two hundred forty two

Sochi railway station 2.5 hours from 5 am to 9 PM
Bus 105 E

One hundred eighty

Sochi railway station 1.5 hours from 5 am to 9 PM
Bus 135

One hundred seventy eight

Adler 2 hours from 5 am to 9 PM
Bus 135 E

One hundred eighty

Adler 1 hour from 5 am to 9 PM

Two hundred sixty one

Sochi railway station

1 hour 16 minutes

1 time a day (10: 34 from Sochi and 17: 03 from Rosa Khutor)

On the territory of Krasnaya Polyana itself, you can travel by bus number 63, the cost of travel is 22 rubles. Bus route 63 Krasnaya Polyana “Rosa Khutor” — railway station Rosa Khutor-Galaktika (GTC Gazprom) – Gornaya Karusel (Gorki Gorod) – esto-Sadok (MARRIOTT) – MegaFon-railway station esto-Sadok-Peak Hotel-Mountain Air-Heliport-School No. 65-Zapovednaya, 38-Achishkhovskaya.

From the point of view of entertainment in Krasnaya Polyana came up with everything and even more, but this is for an additional fee. And you can enjoy nature for free.

If you are going to Krasnaya Polyana in winter, but do not ride down the mountain (skiing, snowboarding, bagels). Then you can climb The rose Peak (1200 rubles per person), walk along the newly built streets, visit the water Park “Galaxy” (1200 rubles for three hours+ rent towels). Outdoor heated pool “Mountain spring”, the slope of Laura (1500 RUB visit). You can also go to the sauna or visit the rope Park.
If you want to see Krasnaya Polyana in the summer, you can go up to the Rose Peak on the lift (about 1200 rubles per person, with three stops). To visit the water Park “Galaxy” in the resort of Gazprom. Also Near the railway station Rosa Khutor there is an equipped sandy beach (entrance 500 rubles per person).

There are two rope parks, one on the Laura slope, more interesting for adults. The cost of visiting 1400 rubles. and the second Park on Rosa Khutor, there it makes sense to take a ticket for 1800, which includes passage through all levels of the Park + ascent and descent to the Waterfall Park. This is a great opportunity to get to the remote waterfalls of Krasnaya Polyana.

Near the resort of Krasnaya Polyana waterfalls Bear, the Cave, Palikara.

And if you get to Krasnaya Polyana by car, then on the way you can stop at the waterfalls Ivanovsky and Deep Yar. There are cool viewing platforms near these waterfalls.

Around Sochi along the coast there are more than 20 waterfalls at various distances from Sochi. The most popular are Orekhovsky waterfall, 33 waterfalls, and Agur waterfalls. Waterfalls on Krasnaya Polyana are equipped with approaches. In other places, the approach may be difficult. In any case, I advise you to use the card Maps.me, there are already marked footpaths.

A unique place and a national Park in one package. Coolness on a hot day, stunning air, exciting fantasy landscapes.

There are several routes through the Park, you can stop with tents at special Parking lots, there is a bath. The prices are quite nice. Entrance — 300 rubles per person. If you decide to stay with a tent, the cost of renting a place per person is 500 rubles, renting a tent is 200 rubles per person, sleeping bag is 300 rubles, Mat is 100 rubles.

On the territory of very developed Hiking routes, there are houses where you can also stay for an additional fee, which depends on the category and distance of the house. It is better to rent a bath for several people at once, so it will be cheaper.

There is a rope Park – 500 rubles.

There are countless of them here, there are closer to Lazarevsky, Loo, in Adler and in Greater Sochi. The cost of water parks on the coast is about 1000 rubles per person. But I would advise you to visit the water Park on Krasnaya Polyana. They are more expensive, but they are new and have improved infrastructure.

If you are using public transport,you need to get to the Izvestia stop.

From Sochi buses: 100, 105, 124, 125.
From Adler buses: 60, 105, 117, 124, 125, 134.

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