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For convenience, I have compiled a summary of all the resorts in Cyprus in this article. Based on this information, you can choose the perfect place to relax.

Brief information can be found in the table ” Resorts in Cyprus»

Paphos Limassol Larnaca Ayia NAPA Protaras
Type of recreation Beach/urban Beach/urban Beach/urban, active, diving Beach Beach, diving
With children you need to carefully choose the beaches most Likely not a Good option Ideal option Good option
Beach Rocks, or you need to go to the pebble-sand beach Narrow pebble-sand strip, on the horizon always ships South of Larnaca there is a beach with the blue flag of Pharos, North of Larnaca there are wide sandy beaches Sandy beaches, smooth entry into the sea, there are lagoons with rocky beaches One large sandy beach, sometimes there are places with pebbles.Many picturesque rocky beaches
Prices* $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$$ $$$$
Attractions Aphrodite Bay, Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, Royal tombs, Coral Bay, Paphos castle, water Park, Saranta Colones castle, Limassol castle, Molos promenade, zoo, Temple of Apollo, Amathus Ruins, St. Lazarus Church, Mackenzie beaches, finikoudes and Pharos, sunken ferry,Salt lake and Flamingo Cape Greco, nisi beach, Night clubs, Cape Greco water Park, Fig tree beach, Konnos beach, Church of the Prophet, fountain Show
* Prices – you can find out more about prices in Cyprus in this article.

I will make a reservation about the prices right away, that the difference may be quite small, but it is still there. In Paphos and Limassol, the cheapest tours and prices in cafes are more budget. Ayia NAPA and Protaras are popular resorts. They do have the best beaches in Cyprus, but the prices are slightly higher.

Check your debts
Below I will tell you more about each resort, but in the meantime, take a look at the prices of tours from your city to Cyprus:
The famous beach resort of Cyprus. A small town, mostly consisting of hotels, cafes and bars. The place is great for children because of the sandy beach.

The nearest airport to Protaras is Larnaca airport. The transfer is likely to be included in the ticket, and if you get there yourself, you can get there by bus (7 euros), taxi (about 50 euros) or rent a car (from 17 euros per day).

Housing options here for every taste and color. If you are with a child, it is better to choose a hotel in the sunrise beach area. If you are not interested in a sandy beach, you can choose a hotel near Fig tree beach or close to Cape Greco, where the most beautiful beaches of Cyprus are located. Places there are rocky and secluded.

Here, many hotels offer an all-inclusive system, but do not rush to deprive yourself of the opportunity to dine every time in a new place and try new dishes.

The main Protaras-places of interest / things to do?:

Arrange insurance for those traveling abroad
Explore all the rocky beaches: Fig tree, Konnos and others up to Cape Greco.
Visit Cape Greco. You can get there by bus for 1.5 euros.
Visit The Church Of The Prophet.
Water activities (banana, tablet, catamaran)
Fly on a parachute.
Fountain show. It’s not even the fountains themselves, but the whole action. In costumes, in dancing, in dinner. And fountains are a pleasant accompaniment.
You can view prices for tours to Protaras Cyprus right now in the price calendar:
It is an administrative region that includes many towns and villages. Limassol itself is a major port city.
There is no airport in Limassol, and the nearest airport is either in Larnaca or Paphos. You can get from the airport by bus or taxi. But if you buy a ticket to Limassol, then the price already includes a transfer.

It is best to choose accommodation in Limassol in the North-East of the city, in the area of the long beach strip of Dosi And Onisilos. The city itself can be easily reached by bus or by walking along the promenade.

Some hotels offer an all-inclusive system, but I recommend eating in taverns. Almost every hotel has a street lined with small cafes and family taverns.

The main attractions in Paphos / things to do?:

Visit all the famous excavations, at least the Temple of Apollo, the Ruins of Amathus.
You can not stop there and visit the Archaeological Museum.
To see the Limassol castle.
Rent a bike and ride along The molos Promenade.
If you are with children, you can visit the zoo.
Salt lake. Not as picturesque as in Larnaca, but also available.
You can view prices for tours to Limassol Cyprus right now in the price calendar:
A cozy city with an airport. Perfect for those who like to combine beach and city holidays. The beaches here are a cross between Limassol and Ayia NAPA. The beach strip is wider and more sand.

It takes 10 minutes to get from the airport to the city.

It is best to choose accommodation North of Larnaca, along the beach line. And the city center can be easily reached by bus for 1.5 euros. Or choose accommodation closer to the beaches of finikoudes and Mackenzie. These are very famous and good beaches in Cyprus. Excellent sandy beaches and the city center with cafes and shops within walking distance.

In Larnaca, it is better to eat in a cafe, and not overpay for the all-inclusive system, but this is for an Amateur.

Main attractions in Larnaca / what to do?:

Visit the salt lake and see the flamingos if you’re lucky. Usually flamingos arrive from autumn to spring, but maybe you are lucky to be in this period?
Dive on a sunken ferry.
Visit the blue flag beach of Pharos.
Visit The Church Of Saint Lazarus.
Go to the southern part of Nicosia. Walk along the streets, wander into a cafe. Walk to the border with Northern Cyprus, go to the Hamam.
You can view prices for tours to Larnaca Cyprus right now in the price calendar:
The most famous resort in Cyprus. Ideal for families with children, as there are two of the best sandy beaches. The nearest airport is Larnaca. Travel time is about 40 minutes. If you do not take into account the transfer, you can get there by bus (7 euros), by taxi (40 euros) or by rented car.

To choose accommodation I suggest either closer to Nissi beach or to the beach Pantahou, if you are with kids. If you do not mind walking, like night walks and parties, it is better to get into the center of the resort village and stay near the Luna Park.

Ayia NAPA has a huge number of all-inclusive hotels, but many cafes and taverns are a work of art. Traditional-style taverns with national food. At the same time, the same dish is prepared differently in different cafes, so it is always fascinating to compare the taste and ingenuity of the local chef.

Things to do in Ayia NAPA:

Explore the beaches. Ayia NAPA is made up of beaches. Be sure to visit nisi beach and Pentaho, which are the best beaches of Cyprus. And then explore all the small rocky beaches in between. By the way, almost all beaches are connected by footpaths. You can walk along the beaches, swim, hide under olive trees and go further.
Visit Cape Greco. Get close to the gates of the British military base, swim on the stunning rocky beaches in the crystal clear sea. And from the height of the Cape, you can see all of Ayia NAPA and Protaras. You can get there by bus for 1.5 euros. However, then you will need to walk for about 20 minutes. If you go from the stop to the left, you will come to a military base and rocky beaches. And if you go to the right, you will climb to the Cape itself – this is a large mountain with a viewing platform.
Go to the water Park.
Fly on a parachute.
Take a boat trip.
Go to Protaras for a singing fountain show.
You can view prices for tours to Ayia NAPA Cyprus right now in the price calendar:
Historical city-excavations or city-monument according to UNESCO. Paphos has its own airport. You can get from it to the city in 20 minutes. Standard set of vehicles: bus, taxi, car rental. But most likely you will have a transfer.

Almost all hotels are located in the city center, and you will need to take a bus to a good beach. As Paphos is a rocky coral beach, and the sea here is often agitated. But if you still want to combine a beach holiday and watch antiquities. It is best to choose accommodation near the beaches of coral Bay and Peyia.

The entire infrastructure is aimed at tourists. Therefore, there are no problems with food here. But there are almost no all-inclusive hotels. The best accommodation in the system allinclusive I picked the article “Cyprus all inclusive”.

What to do in Paphos:

Visit the excavations. Only for their sake is it worth going to Paphos. Ancient city, preserved ancient buildings. To visit: Excavations in the center of Paphos (almost every corner), Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, Royal tombs, Paphos castle, Saranta Colones castle.
Be fascinated by rocky cliffs.
Visit the most stunning beaches of Cyprus and places: Coral beach, Lara beach in the reserve, Aphrodite Bay.
Rent a bike and ride along the waterfront.
Take an unusual tour across the island.

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