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For everyone who goes to Cyprus on their own or to a hotel only with Breakfast, I have prepared a small guide “Prices in Cyprus in 2019”. Below are some dry data that you can use to better plan your budget. I wrote about how you can organize your own trip to Cyprus in this article.
Prices in cafes in different resorts vary. The highest prices will be in Ayia NAPA, Protaras and Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca cheaper by 20 percent. But keep in mind that even within the same resort there are taverns of different levels.

Each restaurant usually has a menu in front of it, which you can view and get acquainted with the prices in advance. Don’t ignore this possibility. Be prepared that you will be approached by an employee of the institution.

In the table I gave the average prices in taverns in expensive resorts:

Check your debts
Soup from 6 euros
Vegetable salad from 6 euros
Salad with seafood and tuna from 11 euros
Fish meze for two from 45 euros
A plate of seafood for two from 29 euros
Hot meat or fish dish from 15 euros
Glass of wine from 2 euros
A bottle of wine from 9 euros
A bottle of water 0.5 l from 2 euros
Cola 0.2 from 1.5 euros
My personal rules for visiting Cypriot taverns:

Take one dish for two (no more than two dishes or order gradually as you eat). Portions are usually huge and so you can try different dishes. Yes, it happens that you get to an institution where the portions are very small, but such institutions can be seen immediately by the interior, the size of the institution and the appearance of employees.
If two or more people drink wine, do not take wine by the glass. If you’re lucky, the jug will be available for everyone. Or a bottle of Aphrodite. Fine wine!
Tips are not included in the bill. No one will bite you if you don’t leave. But in a decent society, 10%.
Check before ordering whether the salad and potatoes go with the main dish. There is a practice that in most establishments, meat or fish dishes are served with a large vegetable salad and French fries. This means that you may not need a vegetable salad before the main course.
Bread with olive paste and butter is always served before meals. If you plan to try different dishes and you have ordered more than two for yourself, then do not lean on the “aperitif”.
After the end of the meal, most establishments make a compliment — fruit. This is also worth considering and calculating your strength.
When choosing a holiday in Cyprus, it does not hurt to know the cost of ordinary products. Even if you are staying at a hotel and you have no place to cook, then your way will certainly lie through grocery stores and shops.

I myself usually take water there, unusual sweet drinks, something light for dinner and sometimes wine, for evening gatherings on a sun lounger by the sea.

In small private stores, prices are slightly higher than in large supermarkets. Again, prices differ slightly in different resorts. But you need to understand that it will be difficult to find a large supermarket in the tourist area.

Cyprus cost of products:

Meat for frying 500 gr from 5 euros
Sausage cuts from 3.5 euros
Bread from 0.5 euros
Tomatoes 1 kg from 1.5 euros
Grenades 1 kg from 3 euros
Yogurt in a package of 250 g from 1.5 euros
A bottle of wine from 2 euros
1.5 liter bottle of water from 1 Euro
Cola 1.5 liters from 3 euros
Ice ti 0.33 from 1 Euro
Ice coffee from 1.5 euros
I try to make do with postcards, but my wife can’t leave without gifts. So here is the table ” Cyprus prices 2019 for Souvenirs»:

Porcelain plate with an ornament 6 cm in diameter from 3.5 euros
Porcelain plate with an ornament 12 cm in diameter from 8.5 euros
Porcelain garnet from 7 euros
Soap from 0.3 euros
Olive oil from 2.5 euros
Carob syrup (carob) from 4 euros
Turkish delight 400 gr from 1 Euro
Olive cream from 4 euros
In the table, of course, the truncated version. There can be magnets (from 1 Euro) and a figure of the Pomos idol, a symbol of fertility (from 2 euros).

Usually as Souvenirs we try to bring either unusual or traditional food, wine and something from body care. In order not to impose your own taste and not to clutter the space of other people.

Arrange insurance for those traveling abroad
Since we mostly go to Cyprus in the autumn, when it is already cold in Russia, we try to bring our loved ones ripe fruit, and with them a little solar heat.

Bus tickets are purchased directly from the driver at the entrance.

You can read more about moving on the island here. City buses cost 1.5 euros. Buses run frequently, quickly, and are air-conditioned. A very convenient way to move in Cyprus.
Larnaca-Ayia NAPA / Protaras 7 euros
Ayia NAPA-Protaras 1.5 euros
Larnaca (Funicoudes beach) – Paphos (Old town) 9 euros
Larnaca airport-Paphos airport 15 euros
Larnaca airport — Limassol costs 9 EUR
Larnaca airport-Nicosia 8 euros
Larnaca-Nicosia 4 euros
Paphos-Nicosia 7 euros
The Paphos — Limassol € 4
Paphos airport-Paphos Old town 4 euros
A detailed schedule and route options can be found on the official website. It’s even translated into Russian.

If you do not like to wait for your bus in the heat and you have a lot of things, then here is a table and approximate prices in Cyprus for a taxi:

Larnaca-Ayia NAPA / Protaras 30 – 45 euros 50 minutes
Ayia NAPA-Protaras 15 – 20 euros 20 minutes
Larnaca (Funicudes beach) – Paphos (Old town) 90 – 100 euros 2 hours
Larnaca airport-Paphos airport 80-90 euros 1.5 hours
Larnaca-Limassol 40-50 euros 50 minutes
Larnaca airport-Nicosia 30 -40 euros 45 minutes
Larnaca — Nicosia of 35 to 45 euros 45 minutes
Paphos-Nicosia 110-120 euros 2 hours
Paphos-Limassol 50 -60 euros 50 minutes
Paphos airport — Paphos Old town is 15 — 20 euros for 30 minutes
Taxi drivers drive around the city within 10-20 euros. But I recommend ordering a taxi online. You can pay by card online, book a trip in advance, the price is known immediately and it is final.

There are a lot of stores and outlets of famous brands in Cyprus. And many people come here, including for shopping. Discounts in stores are constantly available, and if you save the checks and ask at the checkout to issue a taxfri, you can return from 50 euros for your purchases when departing at the airport

By simple manipulations, you can save up to 50% of the cost of the item.

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