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How to get from Sochi airport to your desired destination. We will tell you about all the ways to travel.
The train to the airport via Sochi runs 4 times a day.

From the airport in Sochi (to Tuapse) from Sochi to the Airport
10: 48 10: 03
14: 28 15: 13
18: 07 19: 37
21: 10 21: 42Travel time is 45 minutes, the cost is 155 rubles per person. You can buy tickets in advance and without queues on the website directly in the form below:

Search for railway tickets
Train schedules and online ticket purchases
Search for railway tickets
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Find tickets
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You need to dial Sochi – > Sochi Airport or Vice versa
Pros: inexpensive and relatively fast.

Cons: rarely go, which means that you need to spend time waiting, and sometimes you have to arrive at the airport in advance. Plus, you will need to get your Luggage from the railway station, which is not always convenient, especially if you are traveling with children.

Transfer Sochi 2019 price
Getting by bus from the airport to Sochi and back will cost about 88 rubles. This trip will take you about 1 hour. Bus numbers 105 and 135 will suit you. They make a stop at the railway station in Sochi. From Sochi, you can also take the Moremall stop. Buses run every hour from 4: 41 to 21: 25.

Pros: this is the most affordable way to get from the airport, perfect for single tourists and small student groups.

Cons: Problems with oversized Luggage (large suitcases, sports equipment), which will have to pay extra. Lack of air conditioning, which can be difficult for mothers with children and the elderly. The lack of night flights.

Tickets are purchased at the entrance, in cash.

As soon as you leave the baggage claim area, you are immediately attacked by taxi drivers shouting: “taxi Sochi!”. Getting a taxi in the heat with heavy Luggage is a great idea.

But I advise you to always order a taxi from Adler airport online. First, it is always cheaper and the price is fixed. Secondly, paying by card online is always more convenient for me. Third, it is safer for me personally, since official organizations somehow control and select drivers.

Arrange insurance for those traveling abroad
Transfer Sochi 2019 price. Sochi Adler Airport
So a taxi to Sochi airport for two or four people will cost 1200 rubles. the waiting Time is 5 minutes. Payment in cash, by Bank card, online. Travel time is 45 minutes.

Pros: child seats, space for large Luggage and sports equipment, air conditioning, drinking water.
The most comfortable option for a family is a Shuttle service that works around the clock, with a free waiting time of 15 minutes, but it is better to order the transfer in advance for your comfort and peace of mind.

When ordering, you specify your flight number and pay for the Sochi transfer in advance. This is how you fix the cost of the transfer to Sochi. And even if your flight was delayed, you will still be met at the airport with a sign. That means you don’t have to worry about looking for a car.

Transfer Sochi airport price

Number of people Price to a specific address in Sochi
2-4 1 200 RUB
4-7 2 300 rubles
8-10 4 900 rubles
11-16 5 200 RUB

Pros: Immediately after receiving your Luggage, you are escorted to the car. Fit any oversized Luggage. Air conditioning and drinking water. Child seat.

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