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After Sochi and Krasnodar, I decided to stop by on the way to Volgograd, before returning to Tyumen. But what to see in Volgograd? I knew that this is a city with a great history, but what I saw-I was very impressed. So, I tell you:

I arrived in Volgograd by train. The train station was just a normal one until I went inside. It had frescoes on its ceilings:

Railway station in Volgograd
I was pleasantly impressed and walked briskly into the city. And the city was very beautiful. Its entire center and main streets reminded me of the architecture of St. Petersburg:I did not expect this, so I only walked around the city on foot, looking around. And it was beautiful. Interesting buildings, architectural delights, there are of course the usual “Khrushchev”, but in the foreground there is still enough beauty:

What is Volgograd famous for in the first place? Of course, the battle of Stalingrad and the sculpture Motherland. I went to them first.

The first interesting place is a 10-minute walk from the railway station. And now I’m at the Museum-panorama ” battle of Stalingrad»:

It was not possible to get to the panorama Museum itself, because the only day off for the Museum is Monday, and today was just such a day. But it didn’t upset me at all. I liked the city itself, so I will be happy to come here more than once.

Walking around this ruined house, preserved and restored since those days, I was overcome with very strong feelings. The walls were lined with holes and holes from bullets and shells. Military equipment was installed around the building, which further immersed the picture of those days:

military equipment in Volgograd
But the tank destroyed by the shell explosion:

Tank in Volgograd
In General, this is one of the most beautiful places in Volgograd. The Museum is located right on the embankment of the Volga river and walking here is very fun, with the upper tier of the embankment offers a gorgeous view:
After spending a few hours here thinking, I decided to go to the monument “Motherland”, which is located on a hill with the memorial complex “Mamaev Kurgan”.

Getting there is easier, easier, and faster by … metro. Yes, there is a metro in Volgograd! A metro line runs directly from the Museum of the battle of Stalingrad to the Motherland monument:

Arrange insurance for those traveling abroad
Metro in Volgograd
Well, like the metro… it’s a subway, but there are no metro cars familiar to all of us. In Volgograd, an ordinary tram runs underground:

The fare is 25 rubles.
The tunnels are dark and noisy.
I was surprised that you need to pay for travel in the tram itself, the entrance to the subway without turnstiles. But the tram itself has a conductor:

High-speed tram in Volgograd
After passing a couple of stations you get off at the foot of Mamayev Kurgan and climbing several flights of stairs you can see this view:
In General, I recommend that you spend at least two hours to see all the sights of this place. At least 30 minutes you will climb the endless steps to get as close as possible to the monument ” Motherland»:
Be careful. there are always strong winds on high ground, so dress warmly.
A little away From the Motherland the eternal fire burns:

Prices here are at a very good level. Not Moscow, but regional ones. Public transport costs 25 rubles. Dining room near the station:

Prices in Volgograd in 2019
Very, very affordable prices. As it turned out, you can eat well for 115 rubles.

Accommodation for tourists is also available for every taste and budget.

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After Sochi and Krasnodar, I decided to stop by on the way to Volgograd, before returning to Tyumen. But what to see in Volgograd? I knew that this is a…


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