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Top 10 most interesting sights of Armenia and Artsakh

Armenia is a country of many historical, architectural and natural attractions. To visit them all, one trip will certainly not be enough. We have tried to highlight the top 10 most interesting and unusual places that can give you a lot of new impressions and vivid memories of Armenia.

Landscapes Of Armenia

The ancient megalithic complex is definitely worth the effort to see it. Karahunj can without exaggeration be called the most mysterious places of Armenia. Scientists are still arguing about the age of the “Armenian Stonehenge”, one thing is certain-the account here certainly goes to a thousand years. The purpose of the monumental structure is not entirely clear. Some scientists think it is something like a sanctuary, others are inclined to believe that Stonehenge could be an ancient Observatory.

sevan lake
Lake Sevan is called the “water pearl” of Armenia for a reason. Sevan is the largest of the high-altitude fresh lakes in the CIS countries. The length of the lake is 75 km, the maximum depth previously reached 100 meters. The nature of the lake and coastal areas is very diverse and very picturesque. Sevan-a unique natural attraction is equally beautiful at any time of the year.

Garni temple and Geghard cave monastery
In fact, these are two different attractions, but they are often included in the same excursion program. Garni temple is the only surviving pagan temple (1st century BC). The temple is designed in the classical Hellenistic style and is dedicated to the God of Salt and fire Mithras.

Geghard Church is a unique medieval structure, part of which is hollowed out in a monolithic rock. The name “Gegard” means “spear”. In the Treasury of the Church is stored an ancient spearhead, which, according to legend, the Roman guard pierced the ribs of Christ, crucified on the cross.

Tatev monastery and the ropeway “Wings of Tatev»
Once you see the Tatev monastery, you will certainly never forget it. The majestic and at the same time elegant white stone building is located almost on the edge of a steep cliff. From the outside, it seems that the monastery “hovers” over the abyss. Previously, the road to the Tatev monastery was long and difficult, but now you can get to it from the nearest village by cable car, enjoying the natural views and in less than 15 minutes. By the way, the Krylya Tatev cable car is the longest in the world (5752 meters).

Erebuni Fortress
Erebuni fortress, founded more than 2,800 years ago, is considered the first settlement on the territory of modern Yerevan. Here you can see the ruins of ancient buildings and partially preserved walls of the Palace that once stood on this site. In Erebuni there is also a “birth certificate” of the city – a huge stone on which an inscription about the Foundation of the fortress by the Urartian king Argishti is carved in cuneiform. There is also a Museum where you can see valuable items and archaeological finds discovered during the excavation of the fortress.

Echmiadzin is the spiritual and religious center of all of Armenia. Here you can visit several beautiful temples and monastic complexes, some of which were founded in the early middle ages. In the Etchmiadzin Museum, you can see valuable relics of the Christian world, as well as many ritual items, some of which are real works of art.

Monument ” We and our mountains»
The monument “We and our mountains” is considered a symbol of the whole of Artsakh. The monument is located at the entrance to the capital Stepanakert. The monument depicts a married couple of centenarians in national Armenian clothing. Since the monument does not have an elevated pedestal, it seems that these elderly people seem to have “grown” into their native land, forming a single whole with it. In the people, this recognizable and beloved monument is often affectionately called “Grandparents”.

Unot Canyon
Unot canyon is one of the most picturesque natural attractions of Artsakh. The canyon is a wilderness area untouched by civilization. At the foot of the rocky slopes grows a huge amount of green vegetation, and at the bottom of the canyon runs a river with clean, clear waters. On a warm summer day, you can even swim in it.

Waterfall Umbrella
The Umbrella waterfall is named for its unusual appearance. The rounded mossy rock of a greenish color really looks like a real umbrella, and the waterfall that flows down from it in thin streams is rainwater. This attraction is very popular with tourists, because under the “Umbrella” you get very interesting and unusual photos.

Tree Tengri (Strashensky sycamore)
Tnjri is a unique green giant growing near the Artsakh village of Skhtorashen. The tree, also called “Shtorashensky sycamore” is the oldest (2035 years) and the highest (more than 54 m) tree in the entire territory of the CIS countries. In the lower part of the trunk of the Tnjri there is a huge hollow that can accommodate 100 people at the same time!

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