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Montenegro is like a woman after a divorce-it exaggerates its advantages, quickly trying to find new fans, and also diligently pretends that it is moving forward, while in the evenings it is sad for the past.

The Balkans have always been of interest to both tourists and the political field — a rich history, a beautiful climate with natural air conditioning, and a chic location. And all this has not been used by the Montenegrin government for the development of the country. It is insanely rich in legends, castles, fortresses and all sorts of natural beauty. And with all this the country is incredibly poor, in particular in the North.
All tourists know Kotor and Budva, but many will learn about the country’s capital — Podgorica — already “on the ground”. Montenegro itself is a tiny country. It is possible to completely go around it in 1.5 days — and this is in a circle. Just imagine, you come here as a family, together with your parents, rent a comfortable minivan with a driver in the company 8Rental and get a detailed welcome tour around the country in 2-3 days. The advantage of this method, in contrast to car rental, is the fact that no one needs a driver’s license and everyone can taste the Vino. And it’s worth a lot 🙂
Of the cities for typical tourists are not attractive, but we are interesting, I note:

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Podgorica — capital in the North, landlocked there, but next to Skadar lake
Nikšić is located in the mountains, but they make the best beer of Montenegro — Niksicko
Cetinje is located in the mountains, but it is the cultural and cultural center of the country
Tivat is a mini city near the main tourist points.
But speaking of resorts, it is worth mentioning:

Budva is the center of the “Budva Riviera” – it attracts crowds here
tourists’. In fact, there is nothing special about Budva except the old town.
It’s beautiful. Too narrow passages and high walls (3-4 floors, which is high
for Montenegro), give a permanent shadow in the city, but they do not allow you to do
photo. Near the city there is the island of St. Nicholas. Guides proudly speak about it
“here, wild island, there’s a beach in Hawaii.” In fact, an ordinary island.
Cool, nothing more.
Saint Stephen is part of the Budva Riviera. The town is small, but special.
The fact that the beach stretches naturally washed by the sea sand spit,
which connects a tiny town with an ancient fortress. Today the fortress —
hotel Adriatic of Sveti Stefan. It was rented by a tourist company for 90 years
in Montenegro. There is a hotel, the cost of living in which
starts from 1,500 euros for 1 night. The bridge from the beach to the island is empty except for
residents of the hotel are not allowed — as well as on the p-ov itself. Only once a year-30.04.
get to the open day and visit this beauty.
Kotor is an ancient city surrounded by the 3rd largest fortress wall in the world.
1st — China, 2nd-Dubrovnik. Kotor is a city in the heart of Boko Kotor (Boko I
translated as Bay, because to say “Boko-Kotor Bay” is not quite
correctly). There is a magnificent old city, ancient walls, and sheer walls
rocks, and even a cat Museum!
Herceg Novi — city is located in the other side of Kotor, in Herceg-
The Novinsky Strait, which connects Montenegro and Croatia by sea. Yes and
the city itself is 10 minutes from the border with Croatia. Pretty. Interesting.
Of the luxury resorts in Montenegro, Porto Montenegro, where Abramovich’s yacht is located, Porto Novi (opening in 2020, we have already spent $ 500 million on construction), Lustica Bay (opening in 2022), and of course the hotel Sveti Stefan.

In General, the government of the country decided to turn Boko Kotor into a new Monaco and Saint Tropez by 2022 — and what, casinos are in the law, there is alcohol, yachts where to Park-they are building.

But the government does not realize that on the French Riviera, you are unlikely to see a very rare and very unusual guests of the Riviera “socialist architectural style” with such interesting solutions as peeling paint at stops or concrete benches or the lack of sidewalks.

Nature in Montenegro is incredibly beautiful. The entire North of the country and the entire coast — mountains (up to 3 thousand meters above the sea level), the South-the Adriatic sea (one of the cleanest in the world). Due to this, in Montenegro, there is an air conditioning effect in the North and in the Bay — the wind descends from the mountains, and rises from the sea. In the air of the Bay, it is always 20 degrees Celsius, while on the sea coast it is 40 degrees — and they are separated by only a couple of kilometers by water.
From the most beautiful natural in the country:

The Tara river canyon is the 2nd largest after Colorado.
The canyon of river Morača
Durmitor national Park
Royal Park milocher
Immediately it is worth saying that from all this list only Durmitor is comfortably equipped — the rest of the parks are not landscaped (as it happens in Europe the same). But this does not make them lose their beauty. In Milocera, for example, due to the pine trees, it is always cool during the day and you can sit on a rock with a view of the island.
But at Tara canyon, you can ride a zipline directly above the gorge. Not scary, but picturesque. In Durmitor there is not only one of the resorts (oddly enough, on the very top of mount Durmitor-2 thousand meters above sea level), but also the Black lake. It is not recommended to swim in it — mountain currents and icy water do their job. But at your own risk, you can. Although canoe is better (where they can be rented for 6 euros per hour). Or take a car with a driver in the already mentioned and all the natural beauty. One day is enough.

There are not many canyons in Europe. Especially, the second largest after the Grand Canyon of Colorado. But in Montenegro, you can.
Despite the fact that the name of the country sounds like “black mountain” — on its territory there are only mountains of limestone rocks (light brown and pinkish shades).All of them are covered with dense forests — both coniferous and deciduous. This combination, when there is a sea shore, makes the landscape surprisingly attractive.

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But to go to see the canyons just to enjoy the beauty of nature is stupid.
It is much more interesting to look at the life of local people in such conditions. Absolutely all of Montenegro is covered with mountain hailstones. There are no plains, all cities are either located in the mountains or on the coast at their foot. All of the modern city.
But there are also old settlements in Montenegro — where people live without roads and cars, where to get to another city, you need to climb mountains. And this is all in the XXI century. In an almost European country. Curious, huh?
The interesting “wild” life of Montenegro begins with the canyon of the Morac river. There you can see not only a beautiful green gorge with a small river of azure color, but something more interesting. See how a fragile country tries to mask its weaknesses. It is along this canyon, where the road (serpentine on which every day goes transport) does not even have a normal fence, there are sellers of wine and honey. And while a person comes to work at a “tourist point” – the edge of a steep cliff near the road, behind him a group of Chinese is building the new highest transport bridge in Europe.

This is how innovations and old foundations try to get along.
If there is even a monastery, the piety of the locals is amazing. Novices still come to live in the monastery, which is located in the mountains. Just because they believe in the power of this place. The monks there raise cattle, flowers, and make honey and wine. Then they sell some of this to tourists-the market takes its toll.
Immediately behind the monastery is a mountain serpentine. Getting to the Tara river canyon is not so easy — you need to pass a lot of forgotten settlements, kilometers of mountain roads and only then you can see glimpses of civilization. Probably, it is rarely possible to develop a harmonious mountain area. But only there, along the serpentines, you can see absolutely wooden houses, assembled from gray boards, which resemble settlements of the 12th century. And people live there. Territory
between the houses is divided by a small mound of stones-a fence. Richer homes
— stone. But the roof gives everything away — rusty metal does not Shine in the sun.
That’s how they live in the North. While Kotor is thriving in the South, and the settlements on goraz in the Gulf are admired. They don’t seem so poor. At least there are palaces everywhere, and houses are made of stone. No, this article does not assume any geographical determinism of inequality, but still. Such a rich South and such a poor North.
This country lives so differently that it seems as if it will soon be divided into even smaller pieces. To the southern Riviera-where renting a scooter will cost 60 euros, and to the North, where people ride donkeys.
And most interesting of all, as you drive and look at people who don’t have Windows in their house (and I’m not talking about the luxury of a plastic bag), you are told about the new Saint-Tropez in the South.

It is difficult to meet a higher-than-average class. Usually, its function is performed by tourists and foreign investors. But it doesn’t matter — here is the canyon of the Tara river. Its beauty is fascinating. Even if you’ve seen mountains hundreds of times. It is awe-inspiring in its scope and depth. This is even more felt thanks to The djurdjevic bridge, which connects both sides of the canyon.
But despite the fact that this place is teeming with tourists like bugs, it is worth a little further to drive and again you can see the lonely, crumbling settlements.
Life begins only closer to the Black Lake. There are hotels and camping-often
they come from Europe and Scandinavia.
The Black lake itself is located on the top of mount Durmitor. And its beauty is primarily in the fact that it seems to be a mirror of the sky. There is nothing higher than the lake. Literally. Only the tops of the surrounding pines. It’s beautiful.

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