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Note to skiers: the largest ski slopes in Russia

Cross-country skiing is loved by both professional athletes and Amateurs. This walk is a great way to keep fit without harming the body (the load on the spine, knee joints, ligaments is minimal for a skier, unlike a runner). And the ski slopes run in picturesque places.

the largest ski slopes in Russia

And the technique of the classic move can be mastered in the shortest possible time, for example, with I Love Supersport. The beginning of the school year on 14th January. They are held in the Aleshkinsky forest Park, Meshchersky Park, Novodevichy ponds Park, and others. Hurry to join.
Where to ride in Moscow and Moscow region
There are some of the most popular trails:

“Lazutina” in Odintsovo. It is considered one of the best in Moscow and the Moscow region. Traditionally, it opens in mid-December, but due to weather conditions (lack of snow), the deadline is often shifted. Its length is 6 km, width-4 m, height difference-50 m. the Place is illuminated around the clock (working hours: from 9.00 to 21.00). There is all the necessary infrastructure: equipment rental, cafe, Parking.

“Volkusha”, Lytkarino. Thanks to the artificial snow system, people ride here since November, especially since the tracks work around the clock. There are only 3 of them: the length of 5 km, 7.5 km, 10 km. the height Difference is up to 31 m. there is no rental, but there is Parking.

“Istina”, G. O. Istra. Athletes train here and hold training camps. The length of the route is 15 km. for vacationers there are changing rooms, equipment rental, cafe, medical center, hotel (you can come here for a few days).

In addition, you can ride in the red wings ski resort in Serpukhov, in the winter sports Center in Dmitrov, in the Tomilinsky forest Park in Kotelniki, as well as in Krasnogorsk, Filevsky Park, Sokolniki, etc.

Where to ride in other regions
If you are planning a winter vacation, you can consider:

Aldan in Yakutia. This is a ski resort, but cross-country skiers also come here – the season starts here in October. At the disposal of skiers-3 tracks of different levels. There are many untrained descents-the base will appeal to freeriders. Another advantage is the beautiful weather. Despite the low temperature (up to -20 C), the sun is constantly shining here, there is almost no wind.

Ski center in Kirovsk, Murmansk region. The track is smooth and wide, with a length of 6 km and There is a ski rental, snack bar. Competitions of different levels are often organized on the territory.

“Pearl Of Siberia”, Tyumen. The complex meets the requirements of FIS, so it is used as a training center and a base for competitions, including international ones (European championship, world Cup final). There is a hotel on site.

Skiers may also be interested in the tracks of Khanty-Mansiysk, Sharkan in the udmurda Republic, TEI Peak in the Republic of Khakassia (the best place for beginners) , etc.


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