For everyone who goes to Cyprus on their own or to a hotel only with Breakfast, I have prepared a small guide "Prices in Cyprus in 2019". Below are some…

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For everyone who goes to Cyprus on their own or to a hotel only with Breakfast, I have prepared a small guide "Prices in Cyprus in 2019". Below are some…

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“Victory”: answers to the most frequent questions about the flight

Travelers often have questions about flying a popular low-cost airline…

“Victory”: answers to the most frequent questions about the flight
We tell you how much Pobeda charges for transporting items, whether The company has restrictions on hand Luggage, whether it is possible to save on registration, and much more.
Carry-on baggage
It is allowed to take on Board as many items and things as you want (their weight is also not limited). The main thing is that all of them fit into the calibrator, and its dimensions are fixed: 36x30x27 cm.

What items are allowed to take?

Laptop or tablet and 1 umbrella-cane. They don’t have to be put in the calibrator, which is not true for chargers, cases, bags for transportation, etc.They will have to be put in the meter box along with other things. By the way, the same applies to the camera.

Autumn and winter clothing. Coats, jackets, and fur coats worn by passengers are not placed in the calibrator.

By the way, a child older than 2 years is also allowed to carry Luggage.

Important! Baggage is checked 2 times: at check-in and before boarding.
The low-cost carrier pays for it. A place up to 10 kg costs from 499 rubles, up to 20 kg-from 999 rubles. to save money, it is better to buy this place in advance through the site.


Luggage cannot be added together. Go together and each purchased a place for 10 kg? Make sure that there is no overweight in the suitcases. That is, you can not carry one thing weighing 12 kg, and the other-weighing 8 kg. One large Luggage for 20 kg, too, will not work.

If you purchased 1 piece of Luggage weighing 20 kg, you will not be able to carry 2 ten-kilogram bags. We’ll have to take two (!) seats of 10 kg each.

If you weigh up to 3 kg, you will be asked to pay 500 rubles for each flight from Russia, 10 euros from abroad, and 92 dirhams from Dubai. If your Luggage is more than 4-9 kg, you will have to pay 3 thousand rubles in Russia, 45 euros abroad and 282 dirhams in Dubai.
How does registration work
It is free at our airports. Moreover, you can pass it on the website for a day if the flight is scheduled from Moscow, St. Petersburg and some regions (Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Omsk, Kaliningrad, Sochi, etc.)

In foreign air hubs, you will have to pay for registration (the only exception is Gyumri). Everywhere the service is charged €25, and in Dubai – 200 dirhams. To avoid paying, it is enough to register via the website 24 hours before departure, saving or printing your boarding pass. The only exception is Turkey. If you are flying from there, you can register online for free and get a ticket at the airport.

Please note that when you fly from abroad, online check-in ends 4 hours before departure.


When registering online, you do not need to pay for choosing a place if it is assigned automatically.

A child under the age of 12 is automatically assigned a seat next to the adult specified at the time of booking. To sit next to children older than 12 years, you need to take paid seats.
Is there food
For passengers, the low-cost airline did not provide food on the plane, even for money. However, you can ask for water. If the flight is long, it is better to take a snack in your hand Luggage. The main thing is that the food fits in the calibrator.
Other important points
Purchases with duty-free must also fit in the calibrator.

The back of the seats at Pobeda do not recline.

If you still have questions about traveling with a low-cost airline, please carefully re-read the rules on the official website, and before departure. It will save you money and allow you to avoid many problems.


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