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What not to do in Israel?

Israel is a free country. You will see this after you pass the strict passport control at the airport and find yourself in crazy tel Aviv, where homosexual couples and freaks of all stripes freely roam the streets…

Israel is a free country

Freedom is also felt in other cities. But in the Holy Land, there are taboos that are better not to break.
Walk in “indecent” clothing in religious neighborhoods
At the entrance to the religious quarters of Israeli cities, warning signs hang: “it is Forbidden to enter with an organized tourist group and in indecent clothing.” Ultra-Orthodox Jews are extremely negative about t-shirts, shorts, short skirts and cleavage. For tourists who want to see with their own eyes the center of the Israeli flavor and feel the atmosphere of the pre-war European ghetto, there is a dress code.

Dress code in religious districts of Israeli cities

Men should wear long trousers, a shirt and closed shoes, always with a covered head. Women need to cover their knees and elbows. Trousers and, especially, jeans are not suitable: in the religious quarter, you can only wear a wide skirt that covers the knees, a loose shirt or a long-sleeved jacket. Clothing should not emphasize the figure. An unmarried woman is supposed to walk with her head uncovered, but long hair should be collected in a bun. If a woman is married, there should be a headscarf on her head.

If a woman is married, there should be a headscarf on her head

In tourist areas and secular cities, you can dress as you like, but throughout the country, both men and women are forbidden to drive a car with a bare torso.
Defiant behavior in the religious quarter
If you find yourself in the authentic MEA Shearim quarter of Jerusalem, don’t provoke the Orthodox with behavior that is unacceptable to them. If you decide to walk around the religious quarter as a couple, it is better not to show romantic manifestations and passion. It is not necessary to hold hands, hug and kiss.

Authentic Jerusalem neighborhood of MEA Shearim

You can’t point your finger at the locals, speak in a mocking and judgmental tone, laugh at them, look at them as something outlandish. In religious quarters, there are even posters that say: “This is not a zoo!»

On Shabbat, you can not enter Orthodox neighborhoods by car: they can throw stones. According to the laws of the Torah, on Saturday you can not light and extinguish the fire, and these are the processes that occur in the internal combustion engine.

There is no official ban on photo and video shooting, but Orthodox people do not like to be photographed, they look at the photographer with a withering look or turn away from the camera. After sunset on Friday and before sunset on Saturday, Orthodox Jews-men in black coats and hats and women in dark closed clothing-can not be photographed. On the Sabbath, Orthodox Jews cannot participate in the creative processes.
Disrespectful to the post of Yom Kippur
On the day of atonement, life in Israel freezes: all Jews do not work, do not drive, do not eat or drink. If you are in the country in Yom Kippur (in 2018-September 19), do not resent the closed restaurants and lack of transport.

The Post Yom Kippur

It is better not to plan trips on this day, buy food the day before or find an Arabic restaurant.
Photograph strategic military objects
If you take a picture of a military facility in Israel, certain areas of the airport and its employees, a power plant or port facilities, be prepared for the fact that a person will approach you and ask you to delete photos from your camera or phone.

Strategic military installations

Also, people with cameras are not allowed in some shopping centers, but the ban on shooting in shopping centers is considered illegal by the Israelis themselves.
Show cruelty to children
In Israel, children are treated as a national treasure. Orthodox families can have 10-15 children, and this is considered normal. It is forbidden to use both physical and psychological violence against children.

Adults must tolerate inappropriate behavior by children

If a child behaves inappropriately, adults should tolerate it. When they see that you are punishing your child, the Israelis can make a rude remark to you.
Talk to Israelis about forbidden topics
Most people in Israel are friendly, cheerful, and easy to talk to, but there are topics that are better not to touch in conversation with them.

1. “There are good people among the Arabs.” Even if you have a wonderful friend from Iran or Syria, it does not mean that he is kind to the Israelis as well as to you: genetic memory and the influence of the media affect.
2. Business conversations on Shabbat. If your interlocutor is a religious Jew, you can not talk to him on business topics on Saturday, including discussing what should be done after the end of the Sabbath.
3. Antisemitism. You don’t need to talk to the Israelis about how the whole world supposedly hates them. First, this is not true: Jews are disliked only in religious Muslim countries. And secondly, after such statements, you risk being in the police Department.
To show aggression or sarcasm against the security personnel
Security personnel may well have a good sense of humor, but they are not allowed to display it at work. Therefore, you should not be ironic, as well as indignant and rude if you are asked to present a bag and other personal items for inspection, ask about the presence of drugs, weapons, and explosive substances.

Employees of the security service of Israel

Jokes about the hydrogen bomb and the IG will be perceived as a sign of disrespect and inappropriate behavior. All jokers are required to be taken to the police station for additional checks and questioning, and in the worst case, are deported from Israel.
Meet and flirt with Israeli women
Under Israeli law, any woman has the right to report a rape or assault to the police. A man is arrested immediately, and released only if he can prove his own innocence.

Two girls in uniform from the Israeli army

Cute Israeli women are in demand among tourists, and if the signs of attention seem too Intrusive to the girls, they can contact the police. If you like an Israeli woman too much, start the conversation politely, delicately, without rude flirtations. But do not approach girls in dark Maxi skirts and long-sleeved sweatshirts: kosher Jews are forbidden by religion to enter into premarital relationships and marry both non-Jews and Jews who lead a secular lifestyle.
Viewing pornographic photos and movies in hotels and public places
At the end of 2016, the Israeli authorities passed a law banning pornography. All providers blocked resources with pornographic materials. To access them, users must write an official letter to the provider. The ban also applies to guests of the country.
Swimming in the Mediterranean in summer
If you go swimming during the summer months, no one will arrest you or even fine you. This is dangerous for you: from June to August, many jellyfish swim to the Israeli coast of the Mediterranean sea. Their poison leaves severe burns, and tourists have to seek medical help.
To refuse treats
In Israel, there is a cult of delicious food, and Israelis love to treat each other and guests. If you are invited to a Jewish home, be prepared for the fact that a festive table will be laid for you and you will be required to try all the dishes.

There is a cult of delicious food in Israel

Do not upset the owners – come to visit with a completely empty stomach! After all, it is in the Jewish home that you can feel the atmosphere of the country.

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