Montenegro is like a woman after a divorce-it exaggerates its advantages, quickly trying to find new fans, and also diligently pretends that it is moving forward, while in the evenings…

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How not to get lost in the forest
The forest is not only an indescribable beauty and clean air, but also a potentially dangerous place where children, old people, and mushroom pickers are lost almost every day... The…

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Jellyfish season in Israel
Despite the small size of Israel, it is washed by two seas – the Mediterranean and the Red. However, beach holidays in the resorts of this country can be overshadowed…

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Top inhospitable countries in the world for tourists

On the one hand, experts call inhospitable countries that in 2018 most often refused Russian tourists a visa…

Top inhospitable countries in the world for tourists
On the other hand-those where vacationers constantly complain about the impoliteness of local residents, poor quality of services.
Where was not given a visa
The Association of tour operators of the Russian Federation told us which countries most often refuse our citizens a visa:

The Norwegian Consulate is in the lead. Last year, 17.85% of applications there ended in rejection.

Belgium is in second place. There, the result was unsatisfactory in 3.35% of cases.

Germany closes the top three with a 3.32% bounce rate.

Also unfavorable to tourists from the Russian Federation were the Netherlands (the Consulate General of this country banned entry in 2.9% of cases), Poland (respectively, 2.5%).

At the same time, multivises are reluctant to give Russians the Netherlands (entry is allowed only in 3% of cases), Malta (only 17% of applications were approved). The Czech Republic (where a little more than 47% of multivises were issued), Denmark (48%), and Hungary (in half of the cases, entry was allowed) were more favorable to Russians.
Where tourists will be most difficult
It is better for beginners or travelers without experience to postpone trips to some countries, so that they do not turn into a cultural shock. It is about:

Japanese. Most often, vacationers complain about the neglect of local residents in relation to foreign guests. It is especially felt by those travelers whose native language is English.

Franciums. Historically, the French don’t like Byron’s language. Because of this, tourists who use it in everyday life may feel that they are inhospitable in this country. To have a good rest, it is better to know French.

Chinese. Unfortunately, not all locals honor Western culture, so they may get irritated at the sight of emotional tourists. Another unpleasant moment is traders from China. They may deliberately inflate prices for European guests.

Venice. It is not difficult to understand why travelers are not welcome here: the city’s population is about 630 thousand people. However, in 2017 alone, it received more than 5 million tourists. A large influx of guests caused the introduction of new fines (up to 500 euros for throwing garbage in the wrong place, for swimming in canals). Moreover, turnstiles were installed on the roads to regulate traffic.

Barcelona. Here, local residents do not like tourists, as they believe that because of them, prices for housing and food are rising, and the crime rate is increasing.

Amsterdam. Local residents are protesting against visitors, believing that they leave a lot of garbage. Many tourists are noisy. In addition, because of them, housing prices and basic necessities are rising.

They also decided to regulate the influx of travelers to Santorini, limiting the number of people staying on the island to 8 thousand people a day (for comparison, previously up to 18 thousand people could come in). In Ibiza and Majorca, for the same purpose, the authorities have increased the tourist tax by 2 times since may 2018.


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